A Perfect Empire; New York, NY;

A Perfect Empire; established in 2017 as a multi-language creative graphic arts studio with projects in English, Spanish, and Korean currently in-development.

  • A Perfect Empire as a production studio: We represent the outsider, the rebel, and innovator. We challenge ideology and narrative stereotypes to instigate nuanced critiques of the worlds to be discovered and created.

We are the architects of our own worlds. We live, we create, and we imagine.

  • A Perfect Empire as a creative community: Whether you’re a student learning an art-trade, developing a portfolio, or a professional looking for inspiration; join us every month for art project challenges to stir-up your creative flow, how-to tips, and projects!  

    Our online community goal aims to continue the creative energy beyond a classroom for artists at every skill-level.  We create an environment of learning for artists who are intellectually alive, accustomed to new ideas, and build our careers on the ideas we have learned.

Our Story

  • 2002: A Perfect Empire was created as an indy-zine publication in Sacramento, California.

  • 2004: Short trip travel and studies in Yokohama, Japan.

  • 2005: Studies in graphic design, and cartooning in the Manhattan, New York lead to an idea for a multi-creative platform for emerging artists.

  • 2006: Roads End zine published.

  • 2009: Learning a freelance and commercial business point of view in the visual arts. The pit-falls, the fame, and the future.

  • 2012: The Werewolf of NYC comic book issues 1 and 2 released.

  • 2013: A life-changing event and inspiration from an unexpected location: Jury duty.

  • 2014: Commercial graphic design studio lessons.

  • 2015: Ebook comic book platform sinks and unemployment.

  • 2016: Travels throughout South Korea.

  • 2017: A return to Manhattan, New York with a fresh outlook in the creative arts as a professional.

  • 2018: Baltimore, Maryland artist visits.

  • 2019: A. P. E. officially announced with flag-ship artists Inhye Song, Kristen Terrana, Joel Abad, Alfonso de Anda, Edwin Vazquez, & Levi Wick,


We welcome you to share, discuss, and imagine.