Welcome, 2019! The Glitch Effect.

Today is our official launch for A Perfect Empire. Our first insight project is a design effect named The Glitch Effect. A popular design trend in 2018, this simple technique livens up images with a retro vibe.

We’ll revamp a movie poster utilizing this effect. We settled on The Martian starring Matt Damon. This approach to movie posters is a current and typical design solution utilizing the actors “star” power with a simple headshot. We’ll apply the glitch effect and see if we can liven up the image.

From left to right:

  1. Original movie poster, The Martian.

  2. With Photoshop CC, apply a Distort > Wave>to the Magenta and Cyan channels. Decide on how much distortion you would like and select randomize for more options (we decided on a minimal approach). This will be your distorted layer.

  3. Convert to RGB, create a new layer, copy your image, and place it above your distorted layer. Apply a half-tone pattern (line) from you filter gallery. Then apply as an overlay in your layers panel.

  4. We added a few extra steps to achieve a film grain–we’ll discuss in the future. Here is our version, image four.